Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mark McGwire admits steroid use, back in baseball: What about Barry Bonds?

Mark McGwire confirmed what most already knew. He was juicing for a better part of a decade.After listening to his interviews with MLB Networks Bob Costas and ESPN I felt McGwire wasn’t totally honest. He suggested he used steroids to get healthy and deal with injuries.

Yeah right.

He took the juice to give himself a competitive edge over the other athletes who played by the rules.Period.McGwire came forward because he wanted back in baseball. This whole scene was planned and scripted by Tony LaRussa and Bud Selig. They agreed to put the cart before horse by getting McGwire a job, having him lie low, and have him come forward later. McGwire was five years too late. Matter of fact he should’ve come clean even before his blunder before Congress. Fans would’ve forgiven him and moved on by now.

Is this just a ploy to get McGwire back in baseball and eventually to the Hall of Fame?Yes.I don’t think McGwire should be a lock with or without steroids for the HOF. He was an average hitter. His career batting average of .262 doesn’t just jump off the charts. He played average at first base. He’s a power-hitter. He’s beefed up Dave Kingman. That’s it.

My take is McGwire will get into the Hall of Fame at some point. Why?Cut the cards as you wish, but standard testing wasn’t implemented until 2005. It’s not fair to go back into history and try to nullify and alter statistics. It is what it is. People will know McGwire cheated. He’ll have to live with the shame.

Now there’s Barry Bonds. Interesting how Bonds, at age 45, can still play yet no team has expressed interest in his services the last two seasons. Did Bonds take steroids? I can’t say for sure. All of the facts aren’t in and Bonds has yet to speak. Selig and Major League owners have already made their minds up on Bonds. Major League Baseball and the owners have turned their collective backs on Bonds.

But McGwire has received different treatment. He’s back baseball BEFORE he admitted to taking steroids.Selig even endorsed McGwire taking steps to get back into baseball. Selig, LaRussa and McGwire can make such connections because of their shared complexions. Bonds cannot.

Bonds is one of the greatest players of all-time while McGwire was a mere slugger. It’s not even close between the two. Selig doesn’t like the fact Bonds broke his friend Hank Aarons’ career homerun record and he didn’t like him breaking McGwires’ single-season record.

Will Bonds ever be embraced back into baseball?I say no. He won’t get back on the field or coach because of his arrogance, race and Major League Baseballs’ colluded effort to keep Bonds out of baseball.

Bottom line: McGwire is back drawing a paycheck from the game he cheated. Meanwhile Bonds didn’t get to retire-Selig and Major League Baseball owners did that for him.

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