Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Notre Dame loss to Pitt puts another nail in Charlie Weis’ coffin

When Weis was introduced as Notre Dames’ head coach five years ago at his press conference he suggested, “Well, guess what folks you are a 6-5 football team and that’s not good enough.”

Before the Pittsburgh game Weis was on life support. After dropping another game to a ranked opponent it seems the time is nearing to pull the plug on the Charlie Weis era at Notre Dame.

Weis’ record stands at 6-4 after losing to Navy last week and Pittsburgh today 27-22. The Panthers outplayed the Irish and rightfully so because they were simply a better team.

Weis came into this season with a schedule weak as water. The Irish had high hopes in trying to restore the once proud tradition at Notre Dame. Instead the season has been an utter debacle.

What’s going to be the excuse for keeping Weis now?

Costs too much to fire him?

He’s a great recruiter?

He just needs more time?

Sorry Charlie. Those excuses are old now. It’s about winning. All other things are secondary at this point. The time has come to pull the plug on the Charlie Weis era.

Weis should’ve been canned two seasons ago when he posted a 3-9 record. When Weis took the Irish job he stated 6-5 wasn’t good enough. Of course that was Tyrone Willingham’s record after his third season.

Well, if 6-5 wasn’t good enough for Willingham how the hell was 3-9 sufficient enough for Weis to keep his job?

Weis had some success his first two years because he inherited some talent, particularly on the offensive side of the ball from the Willingham regime. Willingham’s guys got Weis two BCS appearances.

Has Weis’ blue-chip recruits produced?

Much has been made of Weis’ recruiting. The talk is he does a great job of getting talent. Guess what folks. Weis has done a piss-poor job of getting that talent to produce. Without question Weis’ guys have severely underachieved.

Weis’ “schematic advantage” he professed to have over teams has never manifested and it never will. Talk is cheap. People are about results and Weis has not delivered the goods.

In an odd sense this is divine justice come late. Say as you wish but Willingham was ousted prematurely and unfairly. There’s no logical way anyone can argue Weis is doing a better job than the guy he replaced. It can logically asserted Weis is doing a worse job than Willingham.

When Willingham was hired he was the first African American head coach of any team in Notre Dames’ history. He was also the fastest head coach fired. Race played a factor in why Willingham was fired and why Weis has yet to be fired.

For those of you who suggest I’m stirring the race pot I’m not. I’m calling it like I see it. Until Weis is fired I will continue to raise the Willingham issue because it wasn’t talked about enough when it transpired and it set the precedent for where Notre Dame is today with Weis.

If race didn’t factor in Willingham’s firing how can you explain why Weis got the benefit of the doubt after going 3-9 while Willingham was fired at 6-5 after three years?

Did Willingham lose to Navy twice?

Did Willingham ever post a 3-9 record?

Did Willingham’s players ever have snowballs thrown at them like Weis’ team after they lost to Syracuse at home last season?

Case closed.

Weis doesn’t have one signature victory he can point to suggest his team had done anything worthwhile under his leadership. Weis’ loss to Pittsburgh proves his squad simply can’t beat anyone ranked.

The remedy is as follows: fire Weis and get a real coach. He wasn’t qualified for the job to begin with. Weis isn’t a true leader. Get someone with experience that has a proven track record of producing wins. He was a side-kick at New England.

Weis is not Batman, he’s Robin.

When Weis took the job he suggested a 6-5 record was “not good enough” for Notre Dame. Well, looks like his 6-4 won’t be either. Each loss merely represents another nail in Weis’ coffin.

Without question Weis is on life support. At seasons end the only dignified thing the Irish administration can do is pay Weis to leave.

Cut the cord on the Charlie Weis era please.

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