Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Charlie Weis must go!!!

Charlie Weis’ Notre Dame fighting Irish played Navy at home and lost 23-21. The embarrassing loss puts Notre Dames hope for a BCS game in serious jeopardy as Navy literally ran all over the Irish defense.

Two seasons ago Navy beat the Irish 46-44. Before that loss the Irish beat Navy 43 consecutive times. Now Navy has won 2 of the last 3 contests against the Irish.

What’s the excuse now for keeping Weis as head coach?

Based on the teams performance today Notre Dame must make some changes starting with Weis. The team has played a bubble gum schedule to ensure they’d have good record but not necessarily a good team. Bottom line: Weis hasn’t met the high expectations he set for the team when he took over for Tyrone Willingham five seasons ago.

All the excuses must cease. No more benefit of the doubts. Weis must go.

How can folks continue to think Weis is the coach that gives the Irish the best chance to win? Was Weis even qualified for this prestigious job to begin with?

Yeah, he was an offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots. But he was just a member of the Bill Belichick tree. His only head coaching experience came with a high school team in 1989 in New Jersey.

Stellar credentials huh?

Weis wasn’t responsible for New England’s success-he was merely a part of it. Weis wasn’t the head coach. He was just a hired gun to maintain order on the offensive side of the ball. A head coach is responsible for everything. It’s a responsibility Weis never had on a large scale until now.

If Weis was so great how come no one in the NFL wanted him? How come former defensive coordinator at New England Romeo Crennel got a shot with the Cleveland Browns while Weis was forced to the collegiate ranks?

Josh McDaniels eventually stepped into Weis’ role as offensive coordinator at New England and they didn’t miss a beat. Now look at what he’s doing leading the Denver Broncos.

What’s the point?

The point is Weis sucks. He isn’t a good coach, his team is overrated and he needs to be fired yesterday.

Ideally Weis should’ve been canned after his third season when he posted a 3-9 debacle two seasons ago. Notre Dame had no problem ousting Tyrone Willingham who posted a 6-5 record after his third season. Why was one guy canned and the other one wasn’t?

I will forever link Weis with Willingham. Weis is getting the opportunity that Willingham was never given. Unlike Willingham, Weis has gotten every opportunity to right the ship. Willingham was treated unfairly while Weis was catered to.

Willingham was horrible at Washington last year. There’s no excuse for a team to go 0-12. Such a dismal record is a direct reflection on the coach but that’s not the point: the point is Willingham wasn’t given the opportunity to turn things around at Notre Dame like Weis has gotten.

Karma will prevail.

Where’s the decisive “schematic” advantage Weis said his teams would have? People can continue to turn a blind eye to what’s really going on but I won’t. At the end of the day it’s about results and Weis hasn’t produced.

Frankly speaking, Weis hasn’t had a signature win in five seasons nor has he gotten the most out of his so-called great recruits.

Say as you wish, there’s no way Notre Dame will ever restore it’s once proud football tradition under the leadership of Charlie Weis. All due respect to Navy, but they are not a perennial power yet they handled Notre Dame fairly well.

The only dignified thing the Notre Dame administration can do is pull the plug on the Charlie Weis era.

The time has come to make a change. Weis must go!

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