Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charlie Weis: Has the time has come to show Weis the door?

Though the final score was 34-27 it doesn’t show how thoroughly the Notre Dame Fighting Irish was dominated throughout most of the game by the USC Trojans. The Trojans came from the sunshine of California to frigid weather in Indiana to a once Golden Dome and claimed another victory.

The tough-talk from the “Great White Hype” surely hasn’t translated into victories hasn’t it?

Yesterdays loss brings head coach Charlie Weis’ record to 0-5 against the Trojans. Has the time finally arrived to show Weis the door?

Weis hasn’t won a meaningful game since he’s been at the helm. Weis softened his schedule to a point this year where he’d really had a one game that meant anything which was against USC. True to form Weis’ Irish lost the game like most knew they would.

So what’s the excuse now?

Weis was brought in to restore dominance to a once proud institution of higher learning with a tradition of playing great football. The Irish now sport a 4-2 record. Looks good on paper but they just got exposed for how good they really are. The Trojans did what Michigan St and Washington should have done to the Irish. In all likelihood the Irish should’ve been at least 2-3 heading into this the USC game.

Here are some facts:

The Irish are 1-16 against ranked teams in the last three years.

Weis surely isn’t doesn’t compare to Knute Rockne.

Weis’ team is 1-10 against teams that have ended the season ranked the last three years.

Weis surely is no Frank Leahy.

Including their loss to the Trojans the Irish have compiled a 14-16 record under Weis in their last 30 contests.

Weis certainly is no Ara Parseghian.

Weis came to the Irish five seasons ago stating they’d have such definite “schematic” advantage over other teams. The self-anointed guru hasn’t lived up to the hype even though he’s been given every opportunity to right the ship unlike Tyrone Willingham.

After three seasons both Willingham and Weis had virtually identical records yet Willingham was fired: who is to say if Willingham was given a fair shake that he couldn’t have done better?

Everyone is so quick to praise Weis and his recruiting but recruiting means nothing unless the players execute. In my opinion Willingham got more out of less talented players than what Weis has gotten from his so-called excellent recruits.

Weis should be taken to the gallows. Weis stinks as a coach and he should’ve been fired after his 3-9 season when he set records for losing. But no, he incredibly was given the benefit of the doubt.

I know it’s very hard to be objective about things we hold dear to our hearts. But what’s it going to take to get a semblance of objectivity Irish fans?

So, what’s the excuse going to be now? How will the Irish faithful spin why Weis should stay now?

The time has come to get a real head coach. Try to lure Jon Gruden out of the Monday Night Football booth. How about throwing some big money at Urban Meyer? What about getting Lou Holtz back? He still bleeds green. He even proclaimed at the beginning of the season the Irish would be playing Florida in the BCS bowl after they go undefeated right?

How funny.

Bottom line: the once proud cathedral of college football known as the Golden Dome has been downgraded to bronze under the Charlie Weis era: so much hype, so much talk, but not enough wins.

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