Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Does reverse discrimination really exist?

There’s a segment of white America fearing a power shift in this country. The rise of President Obama has prompted fear from a segment of this country that their on the cusp of losing their power: there’s a fear of a black planet.

According to the Census Bureau so-called minorities will shortly outnumber the current white majority. Fearing this power shift some whites are suggesting reverse discrimination is fast becoming a problem. Some whites believe African Americans are exercising their power and authority against them unfairly.

Are you kidding me?

When one looks at the historical development of this country the initial seeds of racism were planted in America with institutionalized slavery. One of the components of racism is discrimination.

Is reverse discrimination a problem in the United States? Or better yet, should this even be an issue? The short answer is no. It can subjectively be asserted there's a problem with reverse discrimination but once the facts are analyzed it's becomes difficult to embrace the notion being true let alone a problem.

It’s vital to make the distinction between reverse discrimination and discrimination. First of all, a segment of white America created racism. The preeminent example would be the rise of American slavery. Discrimination is a component of racism. Facts indicate many African Americans have been the consistent recipients of racism and discrimination over the last four centuries in this country.

Beginning with the Founding Fathers racism thrived as American slavery thrived. From the outset African Americans were treated second-class. Today not much has changed. African Americans don’t control the media, or own most of the Fortune 500 companies, or control legislation.

Yes, Obama is president but he doesn’t have real power-he has a job. In the global sense he’s told what to do by the power elite and he carries out their agenda. In America he’s subject to the approval of the House and Senate. More specifically he avoids African American issues like the plague. He cares little about the unique problems that reside in those areas as he fights rigorously to avoid them. He’s a figure head who isn’t maximizing his platform.

When African Americans historically have expressed disenchantment with the system it’s construed as discrimination when it’s not. The African American is largely responding to the habitual inequities they’ve been subject to since the rise of American slavery. When African Americans attempt to claim first-class treatment, freedom, justice and equality they are labeled as agitators. When African Americans question the system they are deemed as divisive and racist.

Logically speaking for one to discriminate one must be in a position to exercise authority and control over the economics, politics, and socialization of an individual or group. African Americans don’t control the FED, the government, or the media.

Do they?

With the latter in mind how can African Americans have the capacity to discriminate?
Over 90 percent of all mainstream media entities are owned by white males. That means information disseminated comes from a vantage point that doesn’t understand or reflects happenings in African American communities. Frankly speaking the power and capacity for the African American to discriminate isn’t there. The problem which exists isn’t a matter of reverse discrimination; it’s a matter of dialogue and understanding.

A segment of the African American community has long been disenchanted with the system and simultaneously whites are ignorant about the transgressions in the African American community. Ignorance can be constructively attacked but inclusion and true understanding has never been promoted in this country because that’s not profitable.

To properly understand one another we all must co-opt open minds and engage one another as human beings and not the way media wants us too. At the end of the day we all want the same thing which is to be happy, live, and learn.

On micro level we are conditioned to focus on items such racism and discrimination because the media has induced the masses to do so. Many of the problems that exist are curable with constructive dialogue and embracing truth. Little hopes of doing the latter exist so long as the media is hypnotizing the masses. Unfortunately sex, war, drugs, and disease makes money and harmony doesn’t.

Perhaps if we all looked beyond the obvious we’d understand that African Americans aren’t practicing reverse-discrimination. If we deal with the historical development of this country accurately everyone would see it’s hard for the oppressed to simultaneously be the oppressor.

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Anonymous said...

So if I as a Black male say. I hate white people, or Asian people or any other ethnicity for that matter I am not being racist? If, I use the slurs Chink, Wetback, Cracker I am not being racist? If I decided to not hire anyone but Black people I am not being racist?

You are right, there is not "reverse discrimination (racism) ", there is simply discrimination racism. It is a plague that infects us as human beings not a certain ethnicity or race.

Also, oppression is not the same as discrimination. I agree that in a Macro sense it is difficult for African-Americans to oppress Euro-Americans, however, Black folks can and do discriminate. Again this is a problem of humanity not of a certain race.

There is great complexity within the African-American experience. We must embrace that fully and see ourselves as not as victim, but also not as victors, we are in a tension in a world that is racially discombobulated.