Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Sunday, June 28, 2009

DePass: Republican activist suggests the first lady is a gorilla

Rusty DePass, a prominent South Carolina Republican activist recently suggested first lady Michelle Obama descended from gorillas. DePass commented on a story about a gorilla escaping from a local zoo by stating, "I'm sure it's just one of Michelle's ancestors - probably harmless."

He apologized by saying, “I am as sorry as I can be if I offended anyone. The comment was clearly in jest."

Obviously the comments were not called for and the apology was half-hearted.

What’s the deal with South Carolina? You remember when golf analyst Kelley Tilghman stated that Tiger Woods should be taken in a back alley and lynched last year to curtail his dominance?

I guess birds of a feather think and flock together.

More recently the New York Post runs a caricature of President Obama by depicting him as a gorilla being shot by two white police officers. Remember?

True to form Woods steered clear on controversy and so has the president and his wife. Taking a situation like this and bringing light to it will demonstrate to the masses that such comments are not tolerable but that would require rocking the boat. Sorry, but the President Obama, his wife and Woods are not boat-rockers.

For centuries a segment of white America has been intimidated by a prominent African American presence. Some whites erected damaging stereotypes that suggested African Americans are actually instinctual animals who are not capable of interceptive thought: it was disseminated they were descendants of slaves who were reduced to servitude because they weren’t humans. Just read Article One, Section Two, paragraph three of the Constitution where it characterized our ancestors as 3/5ths of a human being.

Despite being regarded as 3/5ths of a people one must say they did a great job building this country and White House where the president lives. Just like their forefathers built the Egyptian pyramids in Africa.

Now before some of you folks get mad just ask yourself this question, “Is what he saying truth or fallacy?” Don’t label the messenger: channel your hostility towards the message and begin to attack your ignorance.

Negative stereotypes were created to keep African Americans mentally confined to the jurisdiction of America where history says your legacy began in the United States. But it didn’t. According to my research it began in the Motherland. We were not apes swinging from trees, beating each other over the head with clubs. African American forefathers were building the Egyptian Pyramids, building colleges in Timbuktu, and producing multi-genius’ like Imhotep, and mastering the art of sophisticated civilizations like in Nile Valley.

So one may ask, if the latter is true (which it is) why do such negative stereotypes exist?

They were created by a small segment of whites to condition African Americans to think they came from nothing and for white America to feel superior. The latter would help reduce African Americans aspirations to reach heights above their collective level of perceived miniscule thought.

If African Americans were animalistic and so incapable who created all the artistry that whites are consistently exhuming over in Africa? If African Americans were so backward and retarded how could those slaves have built the most famous house in the world with their own hands?

Many wonder why the President Obama and his wife haven’t denounced racism. Why haven’t they addressed these situations as they occurred? Is that they are so comfortable with living their truth that it doesn’t matter to them? Or is it they are fearful for rocking the racial boat that can damage their popularity?

I believe to much is given much is expected. I think the first family has a responsibility to lift as well as climb. Inform, awaken, and educate the masses and attack ills as they arrive. Consistently letting racism slide will only ensure its presence. Speaking up and doing the right can be costly. I know firsthand. But I prefer the light of the truth rather than the comfort of prepackaged acceptance from the masses.

In my world DePass’ comments mean very little. They are actually laughable. I’ve had to evolve to the latter mode thought. Once you come into the light of the truth such idiotic comments don’t bother me as much: it just reinforces that there’s a lot of prevailing ignorance that needs to be attacked. It shows how people who resort to such chicanery are envious and afraid of a power shift.

For those who haven’t evolved and are being educated by the media and by a biased rendition of history should begin to constructively seek facts and avert fallacy.

But we all know that truth isn’t profitable but turmoil is.

So however DePass’ comments hit you depends on your perspective and level of thought. If you are pissed just think of the accomplishments your forefathers achieved in Africa. If you have semblance of the truth they shouldn’t bother you too much.

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