Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Bush legacy: The apples don’t fall far from the tree

George W. Bush is relaxing in his new spread in Texas knowing he pulled a fast one on the American people. Bush managed to ride off into the sunset after destroying this country. I guess if you knew the Bush family legacy and how they operated you’d likely conclude the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.

In 1966 George W. Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush, stated the following, “There's three things to remember: claim everything, explain nothing, and deny everything.”

Did you know Prescott Bush was indicted under the Trading with the Enemy Act for funding Adolph Hitler and the Nazis in 1942? Bush, along with business partner W. Averill Harriman funneled money to Hilter from 1926-1942 while his son, George H.W. Bush,fought against the Germans in World War II while in the Navy. As a result the government seized all of Bush’s and Harriman’s business assets.

Obviously Prescott Bush wholeheartedly embraced his 1966 quote because it enabled him to serve in the Senate from 1952 to 1963 despite his deeds. The Prescott Bush story has been kept under wraps for over 60 years because mainstream media was told, as the Beatles would say, “let it be.”

The 41st President of the United States George H.W. Bush has long ties to the Bin Laden Family. When George H.W. was head of the CIA in the 1980’s he hired Osama Bin Laden to train Al-Qaeda fightersto ward of Russian Communists. On the morning of 9/11 George H.W. was in a secret meeting at the Ritz Carlton with the brother of Osama Bin Laden, Salem Bin Laden in Washington D.C. talking business.

The 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush is just like daddy. In 1978 Salem Bin Laden help fund George W’s first oil business. He gave him more than 1 million dollars. We know 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch. He lied on television about when he saw the planes hit the towers. Facts strongly indicate Bush had first-hand information the attacks were going to happen.

Unlike his late grandfather George W. did his dirt before our eyes. With the help of fellow Skull and Bonesmen Bush manipulated the media just like his grandfather. He also utilized his little brother Governor Jeb Bush of Florida to manipulate the polls in stealing the 2000 election from Al Gore.

To make certain he’d engineer America away from his trickery he created a war in Iraq. To further divert our attention he killed Sudam Hussein when he should’ve been after business partner Osama Bin Laden.

Did you know Marvin Bush, brother of George W., was head of a security at the World Trade Center at the time of the terrorist attacks?


Considering how the three towers collapsed many believe they were blown up. Having the metal tested would’ve cleared up the confusion but a funny thing happened. All of the structural steel from the towers was removed and destroyed by a company called Controlled Demolition.

No evidence, not tests, no clarity.

The dirt is kept from the masses because the media is controlled by the power elite. The Rothschild family bought Reuters in the early 1800’s: they also own the Associated Press along with three major television networks. Mainstream newspapers and networks get their info from the AP. Also, the Rothschild’s and the Bush’s are Skull and Bones members. This secret society strongly influences what information is disseminated, what we learn in school, and how the masses live.

This story demonstrates the dirt that happens right under our noses. While we watch reality TV and play X-Box the world is moving towards a New World Order. The media has reduced the masses to puppets. The power elite have socially engineered the minds of Americans to make us think one thing when in actuality another is transpiring.

It’s in the Bush’s DNA to search and destroy. Their contacts with the influential and the media allow them to ride off into the sunset free of guilt without being brought to justice. The same thing transpired during the rise of American slavery. There was economic deprivation and widespread deception. The Founding Fathers planted the seeds of oppression, amassed tremendous wealth, and handed it down the family tree.

So let’s get this straight, Prescott Bush funded Hitler, George H.W. Bush is chummy with the Bin Laden family, and George W. Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened. Marvin Bush made sure the demolition of the towers went as planned and Jeb Bush helped his big brother steal a presidential election.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree does it?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Has President Obama duped the African American community?

Get wind of this. Did you know part of the stimulus package President Barack Obama signed in February called for nearly 200 million dollars to be distributed to Philippine veterans who fought with alongside US soldiers in World War II? If President Obama can provide Filipino soldiers back pay he can produce dollars for African Americans whose forefathers endured bitter cruelties during slavery?

I don’t know about you but this rubs me the wrong way. Is President Obama duping the African American community?

In my world actions speak louder than words: rhetoric is only relevant unless constructive action results from them. The rhetoric with respect to the African American community has been empty. President Obama is living in a mansion that was built by slaves. Institutionalized slavery was a profit-making machine. Slavery thrived off the free labor African slaves were forced to render by oppressors.

For over four centuries Africans were subject to the most heinous crimes every committed in world history. Rape, murder, kidnapping and not too mention having the families ripped apart but sending them to other plantations. To this day know one has been brought to justice the crimes committed.

Slaves didn’t have any civil or human rights that were recognized by the same government which allowed institutionalized slavery to flourish. Founding Father and slave-owner Thomas Jefferson wrote “we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.” As Jefferson published his famous piece of hypocrisy in the Declaration of Independence he had over 200 slaves on his property and seven children he fathered by slave Sally Hemmings.

Economically slaves labored for centuries without a paycheck. Many of us cry when we lose a job issued by current mainstream oppressors but slaves had no such luxury. Slaves consistently labored from can’t to quit while receiving no compensation while being physically and emotionally battered in the process.

How can President Obama sign a measure giving Filipino war Veterans one-time payments of $9,000 for non-Filipino citizens and $15,000 for Filipino citizens and not utter one word about the plight of African Americans? How can President Obama, who has a degree in Constitutional law, neglect to mention African slaves built this country and the home he’s living in now?

I don’t know about you but I think it’s time to pay up. Many African Americans have been conditioned that the notion of reparations is ridiculous. We’ve been conditioned to think asking for something that’s owed to us by oppressors is asking for hand out. Would any of you work for your current employer an entire month and give your earnings back to your boss? Imagine generations of slaves laboring for free while being brutalized in the process.

Here are some groups that have gotten paid:

*In March of 1953 the West Germans signed a treaty with Israel that acknowledged the persecution and enslavement of Jews during the Holocaust. Jews were compensated for the property that was stolen from them by the Nazis.

*Under the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 President Ronald Reagan apologized to the Japanese Americans internment during World War II. He provided reparations of $20,000 to each survivor to compensate for loss of property and liberty during the war.

*Native American tribes over time have received compensation for lands ceded to them by the United States by various treaties.

Now President Obama slipped in 200 million for the Filipinos. Don’t you think it’s time to get paid?

I say sue the United States governement. Take them to the world court of the United Nations. Taking your case to the Supreme Court would put the case in the jurisdiction of the oppressor. You’ll have a better chance of winning by taking the criminal to court instead of take your case to the criminal.

President Obama hasn’t addressed any of the ills that reside in the African American community. Yes, national employment is over 10 percent but it’s nearly 14 percent in the African American community. Yes, President Obama talks about going “green” and creating jobs but how many will go to African Americans?

For President Obama to sign a measure giving Filipino veterans money and simultaneously fail to address the African American community equates to duping in my world. If you objectively look beyond what you see you’d find that President Obama is duping the African American community.

I know many are joyous that an African American is President of the United States. It may not appear as such, but I’m of them. But I can’t allow the euphoria President Obama’s ascendance has generated cloud the fact he’s neglected the African American community.

I’m not trying to be a descenting voice here, I’m just keeping it real.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kentucky Derby: How African American dominance was derailed

On May 2nd the 135th Kentucky Derby concluded. This one of the biggest sports spectacles in the world. Race horse Mind That Bird won the race despite being a 50-1 underdog. As many African Americans were watching Kobe Bryant and LeBron James continue their journey towards a showdown in the finals I was thinking about the Kentucky Derby.

I’m one who attempts to look beyond the obvious to secure deeper significance. Like usual I came up with following.

Did you know 20 years after the Emancipation Proclamation African Americans dominated Americas’ first favorite pastime? Back in the day the Kentucky Derby was like the Super Bowl today. It was the marquee sporting event of the day.

In 1875 the inaugural Kentucky Derby was won by 19-year old African American Oliver Lewis while sitting atop Aristides. Also, 13 of the 15 riders were African American. Matter of fact of the first 28 Kentucky Derby’s run 15 races was won by African American riders.

The great Isaac Murphy was the first jockey to win three titles. He won 1884, 1890, and 1891 titles. Murphy was so good he won nearly 50 percent of all races he entered for his career. No other rider before or since can claim such consistency. Also, Murphy was the first rider elected to the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Jimmy Winkfield was the last African American to win the Kentucky Derby when he posted consecutive victories in 1901-02. Winkfield, like most African American riders, endured bitter racism. Winkfield even left America to live in Europe to continue his career. His talents afforded him a lavish life-style in Europe that he was kept from enjoying in America because of race.

Why did African Americans dominate?

During slavery many plantation owners loved riding horses. Even original Founding Father and slave owner George Washington loved horses. Slaves were expected to care for the masters property-horses included. They learned all the intricacies involved in caring for horses which slaves would utilize to forge careers as jockeys once free.

Life reveals that all good things at some point must cease. Frankly speaking, white America grew weary of African American riders dominating horseracing: they couldn’t stomach the fact former slaves could excel despite habitual oppression. True to form white horse racing officials utilized legislation to curtail the dominance of African American riders.

In 1894 jockey officials created the Jockey Club. Just like Plessy vs. Ferguson sanctioned “separate but equal” in society horse racing officials manufactured legislation in sport to systematically deny African American riders opportunities to ride.

How did they do it?

White officials simply gave themselves the authority to grant licenses to whoever they wanted. Also, since it was against the laws for slaves to read and write most of the African American riders were functionally illiterate. Officials set up criteria were the latter was required to be granted a license. Even if a rider could read and write they could still be denied.

Without question white officials actions were fueled by racism: in essence the racism that infiltrated society found its way into sport to thwart African American opportunity.

African American riders essentially disappeared from the scene. No African American rode in the Kentucky Derby since 1921 until Marlon St. Julien entered the event in the year 2000.

Why is all this important?

Newark, New Jersey, schoolteacher Miles Dean stated, "As an urban educator I see every day the disconnect students have with their past. By acknowledging the contributions of African American jockeys, I hope to heighten children's awareness of their history. It's a history of great achievement, not just a history of enslavement.”

Many African Americans are unaware of the history of the Kentucky Derby and the initial dominance of African Americans. Having a better comprehension of the past can breed a better understanding of ones self and their surroundings.

Without question African Americans have done more than dunk basketballs like LeBron James and score touchdowns LaDanian Tomlinson. The lethal combination of not being aware of history and mainstream media’s methodical negligence to disseminate truth solicits fallacy. But if history was studied critically we’d at least know who Issac Murphy was to put in perspective why Kobe and LeBron dominate today.

Don’t limit your aspirations to the naked eye or confine your dreams to the walls of the establishment. Look beyond what you see, study history, and persist.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Does Notre Dame have issues with African Americans in leadership positions?

Four years ago Notre Dame unceremoniously fired the first African American football coach in the schools history in Tyrone Willingham. Currently conservative Catholics are irked because President Barack Obama was selected to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement ceremonies in May.

What’s the problem with Notre Dame and African Americans in positions of authority?

The institution seems to have issues dealing with African Americans in leadership positions. First, coach Willingham was treated like dirt. Willingham was the first African American head coach in any sport in the schools history when he was hired in 2002. After playing one of the toughest schedules in college football Willingham was fired after posting a 6-5 record after the 2004 season. What made the firing controversial was he was the first football coach in Notre Dame’s history not finish his contract and skin color.

So the Irish found themselves a “Great White Hope” in Charlie Weis to restore the program. In Weis’ third year he posted 3-9 record. He actually set team records for losing. Unlike his predecessor Weis was rewarded with a 10-year 30 million dollar contract for losing.

This is interesting. Weis gets millions and a vote of confidence for losing while Willingham was canned after a winning season in his third year.

Weis continues to get the benefit of the doubt as his teams continue to struggle. Last season there was talk of Weiss being fired but it didn’t materialize. I guess the Notre Dame faithful will stick with their guy until the bitter end. Unfortunately Willingham wasn’t afforded the same vote of confidence as his white predecessor.


Cut the cards as you wish race played a factor. There's no way a coach should go 3-9 after his third year and get a vote of confidence while Willingham got the pink slip for 6-5 after his third year.

Willingham was treated so wrong yet there wasn’t widespread coverage in the media. Mainstream media is a white world therefore the vantage point disseminated will be as such. Yes, this happened four years ago but it’s still a hard pill to swallow.

Now the first African American President is facing turmoil from a distinct contingent of the Notre Dame faithful. Most cite President Obama’s stance on stem cell research and his pro-choice views contradict Catholics beliefs therefore he shouldn’t have been invited to speak. Some are even calling for President Obama’s commencement invitation to be revoked.

Last time I checked former President Bush was a proponent of the death penalty yet he struggled through an uneventful speech at Notre Dame in 2001 and there were no boycotts or public outcries over his presence.

Doesn’t capital punishment and abortion result in the same fate? Why is there an uproar over President Obama’s presence and there wasn’t one for former President Bush?

The short answer is Republicans are upset because an African American is the President of the United States. Conservative Catholics are utilizing this as an opportunity to publicly demonstrate their disenchantment over the ascendance of President Obama in making political history.

Does race play a factor in either Willingham’s or President Obama’s treatment by a segment of the Notre Dame hierarchy?

Without question race factored in with Willingham. He was treated like a second-class citizen. Besides, it’s not like Willingham was Notre Dame’s first choice. Reportedly he was the leading candidate for the job but was passed over. George O’Leary was hired but he resigned because he was a fraud.
The likes of Jon Gruden and Urban Meyer didn’t want the job when it was offered after Willingham was let go. With no place to turn Notre Dame finally settled for Willingham. For his efforts he was unfairly taken to the gallows while his white successor continues to be rewarded for failing.

In President Obama’s case I don’t think race is the preeminent factor but it's present. The uproar over President Obama’s stance on abortion or stem cell research isn’t the problem. The latter is a mere a smoke-screen. Conservative Catholics are just upset John McCain lost the Presidential election.

Whether you conservatives boycott or not he's still going to be President of the United States because the people voted him in. It’s not like you can impeach him or get a mulligan on the election.

The Notre Dame hierarchy had the muscle to oust Tyrone Willingham unceremoniously. I seriously doubt conservatives can do the same to President Obama.

In any event, enjoy the President Obama’s speech.