Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas: Some thoughts on gifts and giving

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and everyone received what they desired.

For many this Christmas will be memorable for the horrid weather we experienced in the Midwest. Many were without power and shelter. Some merely wished to be warm with a roof over their heads for Christmas. The ice storm we witnessed showed some what’s really important during this holiday season.

The ice storm was symbolic to me indeed for it showed, like in life, we all have the most precious gift of all and that’s another day of life. It also displayed the power of God is greater than man’s greatest creation.

Perhaps if we slowed down and recognized the many gifts we already have perhaps we don’t need gifts at Christmas to validate us.

As I advance in age and wisdom I’ve come to believe what one can give someone takes precedent over what one receives. As a matter of fact I've grown not to expect gifts nor even care if I receive anything on Christmas. I try and live in a fashion where what I've done all year is reflected by my just being alive and well when Christmas rolls around.

For me Christmas is all about perspective and recognition. Some don't celebrate Christmas while many do. I personally don't view Christmas in the traditional sense like I was trained to when I was a child. I view Christmas as the opportunity to reflect upon the gifts given to me not by humans but from the Creator. I use this time to set the stage for the upcoming year to evaluate my past in hopes of elevating my future while remaining in the moment.

In my opinion the Christmas holiday has been vastly commercialized. The true of meaning of Christmas has been lost over time because many have been lulled into the routine of acknowledging the gifts that mean little when compared to the gifts we have but often fail to acknowledge. Just ask one of the nearly hundred thousand who lacked power during the week.

Some buy gifts to give to others that lack substance while some receive gifts without extending true gratitude. For some we give more credence to the gifts we receive from man than the gifts that come from God. More importantly many fail to acknowledge "the" gift we receive daily that means more than any X-Box, Plasma TV, or money anyone can give us. That's the gift of life.

For those who celebrated Christmas they received the ultimate gift. You got another 24 hour opportunity to live and utilize the gifts you were given at birth. For most you were able to see, feel, touch, smell, and talk about what you received on Christmas from others. That 24 hour opportunity is the ultimate gift that's often taken for granted-that gift allowed us to be present on Christmas.

I don't know about you, but there's no better gift than having another 24 hour opportunity to engage in the world and live.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I'm not here to change anyone or judge. That’s not within my job description or jurisdiction. I'm here to simply lend a different vantage point. I don't profess to have all the answers. I'll never have them all but I’ll share whatever wisdom I do have without restriction.

We've all been given our special talents and gifts from God. Some acknowledge them and share them with the world while others ignore them and live life according the social script that's acceptable to the masses. I thank God for the gifts I have already.

While those gifts given by man are nice the ultimate gift from God himself are the ones I value most. For those of us who recognize the latter I suggest using your gifts given to you by God to make a difference without restriction, not just on Christmas. Don't worry about what others may say-just listen to that voice inside and proceed. As the saying goes, "Don't worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon."

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday to the max. But more importantly I hope people realize the many valuable gifts we had in our possession prior to opening your gifts on Christmas day.

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Lisa said...

I haven't heard you use that John Madden saying for a long time. I miss hearing you say it. Funny, I was just looking at it on the dresser last night. That's what got us to this place. That and my belief and confidence in you. That whatever you said was going to happen would really happen. That the impossible was possible. That's what you have given to me. Thanks.