Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

World Series: A Moment I won't forget!

Before game two of the World Series I had several goals I wanted to reach and I did. They were to go on the field with all the reporters/writers and just take in the atmosphere. The second goal was to go to the FOX both and ask analyst Tim McCarver about whether baseball pioneer Curt Flood should be in the Hall of Fame.
I managed to get into the FOX booth 9 minutes the start of game two and I spoke to McCarver briefly. We both agreed that Flood should be in Hall of Fame. I'll see what I can do to get Flood his due!

After walking down the stadium stairs and eventually on the field I looked to my left and there's Dick Vitale. I exchanged a few words with him and kept it moving. After walking a few steps I'm noticing the people I've watched on TV for years and we were all on the same field. ESPN's Chris Berman and Peter Gammons. I spoke at length with MLB.COM and TBS analyst Harold Reynolds about baseball, sports, and life.

After taking in more of the scene I realized I hadn't been on a baseball field since I was 14 years old. Watching Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins take batting practice and the infielders preparing their arms for play brought back a lot of memories from when I played.
After exchanging some words from a member of FOX I soon left the field but not before I watched Chris Berman interview Ryan Howard.

As I was walking up the stairs to depart the field I noticed former ESPN and current FOX Sports anchor Chris Meyers sitting near the dugout. I went over to say hello. We had a great conversation about sports and about some of his past work. He asked me about my work and I told him of some of my jouralistic endeavors. We spoke of the beauty of sports and how it brings people together. We discussed some of my columns I wrote relevant to our conversation and he seemed impressed. I just have a passion for good conversation, particularly about sports.

As we were wrapping up our conversation he suprisingly asked me for a card. (I totally forgot to pack my cards but I still managed to make connections.) He then gave me one of his cards from his briefcase. After approxiately 10 minutes of dialouge Myers suggested it was nice speaking with me then he issued the following: “What you are doing is great. We need more journalists like you.”

After his comment he extended an opportunity to me to be on his show in California in the future. It’s surely an opportunity I seek to undertake.

I'm not one to get to excited outwardly but inside I must admit it made me feel great. To get a compliment from someone so well known in the industry was nice. Makes me want to push these keys with even more passion!

Just goes to show you if you are passionate about your craft and do it with love doors open from unexpected places. I intend to follow the course I'm on. Where it will eventually lead I don't know but one thing is for sure: I'll continue to persist and attempt to make a difference through my craft until the casket drops.

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