Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Monday, October 27, 2008

World Series: Me and Harold Reynolds

Before game one of the World Series I was settling into my routine when suddenly I saw T.B.S commentator Harold Reynolds. Formerly of E.S.P.N. Reynolds was killing time before he was to go on air. We had a brief conversation consisting of my admiring his work and for him to keep it up. We took the picture shown here and parted ways.While taking in the scene on the field prior to game two of the World Series Reynolds recognized me and extended a pleasant hello. After a brief conversation we both kept it moving as the media was asked by security to leave the field it can be prepared for play.

Approximately 20 minutes later I again ran into Reynolds in the media area over in the stadium. We again engaged in a conversation about baseball, Curt Flood, and about athletes speaking out. We spoke for approximately a half hour. Indeed the time was appreciated and rewarding.

We both agreed that we need more African Americans playing baseball. Just 8.2 percent of players in the Major Leagues are African American. A game Jackie Robinson fought so hard to integrate has sadly lost its luster amongst the African American youth which is sad.

We talked the notion of athletes taking stands and why there aren't any Jackie Robinson's or Muhammad Ali's to speak of.

We both agreed the African American athlete should speak out and make their feelings known without fearing the wrath of corporate America. Reynolds stated, "Players should speak out. Look at what I went through with ESPN. When you are right you should stand your ground. Players today don't speak out because they don't care. They don't know the history of the sport so it becomes all about the money to them. Money unfortunately breeds complacency."

When the subject of Curt Flood came up we essentially agreed he should be in the Hall of Fame when you consider what he did on the field and his efforts of it. I told Reynolds I wanted to start a campaign to get Flood into the Hall of Fame. He stated, "that would be awfully tough to pull off." I agreed, but it's something I believe in and I will champion the cause no matter what.

When I asked Reynolds point blank whether he felt Flood should be in the Hall of Fame he stated, "Yes. When you look at both his play and what he did off the field there’s no doubt. When you look at what he did as a player and what he did to help players he should be in the Hall of Fame. As a player alone it's arguable whether he should be there or not but when you look at the social significance Curt Flood should be in the Hall of Fame."

After our great conversation I asked Reynolds for his contact information. He stated he didn't have any business cards but gave me his phone number to contact him in the future. I thought that was huge!

After saying goodbye Reynolds went to prepare for his show and I went to watch the game. I was glowing inside knowing I'm living a dream and my vision is manifesting before my eyes.

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