Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is America headed for another Great Depression?

The proposed 700 million bailout plan was scrapped by congress by a vote of 228-205. Congress is scheduled to meet again this week to hopefully hammer out a deal.

Irrespective of ones political affiliation I believe the people have grown weary of empty rhetoric and promises. It’s time for so meaningful results. I think if something isn’t achieved soon we’ll be headed for another Great Depression.

The government is supposed to be “by the people, for the people.” We now hopefully see the latter isn’t true. It’s about government control and big business.

I believe if you work hard for your earnings and pay taxes you should have a voice in how your dollars are allocated. In short, if the American people will be affected by such a vast decision by Congress the people whom it will affect should be involved in the decision-making process.

Doesn’t that make sense?

The Harrison Square project is a local example of what’s going on nationally. In my opinion Harrison Square was forced down our throats. It was an idea that spawned from the minds of a select few yet spun to the masses as something the people of Ft. Wayne yearned for.

The city was so eager to get this project going in some instances they acquired property for substantially more than its’ true value. Isn’t the latter strategic maneuver partly to blame for the current national mortgage melt-down?

If a venture doesn’t make annual dollars to me it doesn’t make sense. Do you think it is intelligent to have a baseball stadium sit empty during the winter months collecting snow instead of revenue?

On the national front I believe the situation is much worse than it’s being projected. It’s time for the American people to wake up and see we are being socially engineered to focus on things to keep us from being fully aware of how bad things really are.

Historically the government has been substantially more hypocritical than just. This isn’t about racism, sexual orientation, crime, sports, or Obama vs. McCain. It's never been about the people and solving societal ills. It’s been about power, money and greed and the government misallocating taxpayer dollars.

When the interest of big business is on the line the government steps in swiftly bails them out. Why isn't the government bailing out the millions of Americans who need it?

It's not about taking care of the American people, it’s about government taking care of itself and aiding big business with taxpayer dollars.

The humanistic thing to do would be to help the American people save their homes, keep their jobs, and provide comprehensive health care for everyone. The latter will stimulate the economy by inducing constructive citizen participation.

Bottom line, if AIG can get 85 billion dollars to continue doing business the government can give us some of our money so we can continue to live.

If I were in charge here’s what I’d do.

I’d provide the people with what’s needed now. The people need affordable housing, gainful employment, lower food and gas prices, and adequate healthcare.


I’d use the tax money taken from the citizens over the years for the people instead of big business. I’d allocate funds the same way the government issued those pitiful stimulus checks but I’d do it with swift precession. The people would have checks cut within a week.

Next, I’d give every homeowner a six to twelve month a moratorium on mortgage payments. Those who are in foreclosure will get six months and those who aren’t would get twelve. The people can allocate the funds they’d use to make mortgage payments towards erasing other debt and raise their credit scores.

Then, I’d provide every household with a minimum ten thousand dollars for hard times like this.

Also, I would also get the homeless off the street. There’s something fundamentally wrong for homelessness to pervade in a society that professes democratic values. If we can fund a meaningless war abroad at 10 billion dollars a month we can afford to provide shelter for human beings here.

My plan would cost approximately 15 billion dollars: that’s just five billion more that what it costs us to fund the war in Iraq for one month.

If someone has something better lets hear it because if something isn’t done fast we’ll be facing the nations second Great Depression.

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