Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Does Obama have the necessities to be President?

Republican nominee John McCain has consistently suggested Barack Obama wouldn’t make a good President. He thinks Obama “doesn’t have the experience, knowledge, or the judgment” to lead this country. McCain has also stated of Obama: “He’s done pretty well for himself without having any experience.”

Comments like McCain’s often fly under the radar and go unchallenged because many fail to critically read between the lines.

Does what McCain suggest really hold true?

Sometimes we must take things at face value but McCain’s comments are worthy of further examination. Too often we get suckered into thinking a certain way by the media. One of the media’s main objectives is to mentally condition us. The media utilizes this social engineering concept to induce universal acceptance and compliance of their message.

I don’t understand how McCain can logically make such statements. When one analyzes the facts its’ clear McCain doesn’t have a clue. Obama has all the necessities to get the job done.

Lets’ examine McCain’s words.

Obama doesn’t have the experience?

Why does Obama have to continually defend his resume and apparent lack of experience? Bottom line, it’s not about experience, it’s about results. Obama just whipped the pants off a former two-term President, his wife, and the media.

Throughout his campaign the man with no experience has raised more money than Hillary and McCain combined. In essence Obama is running a multi-million dollar corporation. As a rookie CEO he’s orchestrated the seemingly impossible. He beat the Clintons with class: Obama won without resorting to the shenanigans his rivals displayed throughout the campaign.

Also, what experience does Hillary or anyone else has that Obama doesn’t? Hillary was in the White House as a wife putting up with Bill’s character flaws. Hillary made no decisions to make significant change in this country. The fact remains the people have spoken and they chose Obama and not Hillary.

Obama doesn’t have the knowledge?

Obama’s history-making journey hasn’t manifested due to trial and error: it happened because he created a comprehensive plan and simply got it done. Obama has clearly demonstrated he’s got the knowledge and ability to lead. Besides, if Obama wasn’t intelligent the people wouldn’t have voted for him.

Last time I checked Obama has a law degree where he specialized in Constitutional Law. Because of his brains he masterminded a plan of attack to defeat the mighty Clinton’s and all of their supposed power and connections. How can an African American man come from nowhere, kick off the primary season by winning Iowa which is 90 percent white and become the Democratic nominee?


Obviously the man did his homework. From day one Obama ran a campaign with a quiet strength, articulation, and calm never witnessed before. In my opinion Obama’s intellectual weaponry is better than both Clinton’s and McCain’s combined. I would throw George Bush in the mix but it’s painfully clear he doesn’t have enough sense to give me change for a dollar. Intelligence and the Bush brand obviously don’t go hand in hand.

Obama doesn’t have the judgment?

Obama’s sense of timing has been impeccable. He was so on point with this timing he didn’t give white America the time to critically consider whether they were ready for an African American to be top dog.

Obama studied what the people wanted for years and created a way to give it to them irrespective of color. In his moments of silence and years of preparation Obama honed his plan and worked it to the hilt. He knew what he was going to do before anyone else. To me that’s been the beauty of this political race.

Now we’ve established the latter what is McCain really saying?

For starters, he’s attempting to utilize the media to circulate a widely known stereotype that African Americans are inferior to whites. Oops. Too late-Obama is the Democratic nominee.

What McCain is really saying doesn’t understand how an articulate, intelligent African American comes from the US Senate to the top of the political world in less than a year. McCain is suggesting that white America can’t have an African American in the oval office right now. But more importantly, McCain is saying there’s no way he can lose this election to African American man.

To get the real message behind a person’s words all you have to do is read between the lines.

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