Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright ends silence and speaks out

I watched Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s interview with Bill Moyer on PBS April 25th. I found him to be a man of wisdom, passion, and truth.

I think Wright is being unfairly attacked by the media for speaking collective truths about Americas past.

Like Wright, I’m aware of the games the media plays on the masses: one of their primary functions is to socially engineer our minds. Through dispersing misinformation and half-truths they induce many to embrace their myths. This ensures the masses won’t ask critical questions and independently seek truth.

The media can keep playing their games for now but nothing lasts forever. Like my mom says, “every road has an end to it.”

Over 90 percent of what we digest from mainstream media comes from a white male Eurocentric perspective. It's not profitable for the white power structure to disseminate truth: doing so they'd have to admit to their centuries of wrong-doings.

That latter will never happen.

Anytime the white power structure is rocked with the truth they automatically label the messenger. In this case it’s Jeremiah Wright. This maneuver is done to mute Wright’s message and keep the masses blinded from truth.

For months the media has pummeled us with several eye-opening snippets from Wright’s sermons: unlike the mass media, PBS aired Wright’s sermons in its entirety thereby putting his words in proper context.

Wright suggests the United States government has historically lied and failed the people. Typically when the system is challenged it clings to their myths. Wright stated during his interview, “And when you start trying to show them you only got a piece of the story, and let me show you the rest of the story, you run into vitriolic hatred because you're desecrating our myth.”

Isn’t the latter true?

The truth cannot be continually suppressed as long as wise men like Wright continue to deliver the goods.

All of the great ones have been vilified by the media and or slain for speaking the truth. King was slain because he was moving away from his non-violent stance to a more assertive position. We don’t remember the King in 1967 that spoke out against the Vietnam War and racism.

The media has conditioned us only to remember King’s dream and not his disenchantment with white America. King was attacked by the white media and Lyndon B. Johnson for speaking out because he overstepped his boundaries. Even some African Americans began to distance themselves from King as a result.

Malcolm X wanted to build a bridge from the Americas to the motherland. He wanted to demonstrate the oppression suffered by Africans and African Americans during the 1960's was one in the same. Malcolm was preparing to take America to the United Nations for violating African American’s human rights.

We are conditioned to embrace the Malcolm X who hated whites: not the reformed man who embraced humanity. These truths go unnoticed because white mainstream media wants us all to function on their myths and not the facts.

With respect to Wright the mass media is cleverly using his words as a political tool against Obama. Hopefully Obama doesn’t fall for the ole “conquer and divide” trick.

But you never know. Obama is a politician.

I’m glad Wright has ascended to remind us of the collective atrocities committed by the power structure and tricks the media plays. They can keep playing their games for now.

But just like my mom says, “every road has an end to it.”

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