Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama is the real deal

Can Barack Obama really become president of the United States? Not only do I think it’s possible but it’s fast becoming a reality.

Obama is proving the naysayers wrong. Obama’s message of change he’s trumpheted throughout his campaign is being heard. With a strong showing in Super Tuesday and crushing Hilary Clinton last weekend I don’t think anyone can characterize Obama’s journey as a “fairy tale” ride.

Obama is a man with passion. His charisma is administering to the masses and they are responding with their votes. Obama’s message is resonating loud and clear. If Obama outlasts Clinton and wins the presidency to me it will be the most notable achievement in African American history.

I think Obama is the real deal.

Though Hillary Clinton is clutching to a slim lead over her rival Obama is currently riding a strong wave of momentum. Hillary is feeling the pressure. She recently pumped 5 million dollars of her own money in her campaign to keep pace with Obama. To top things off Clinton’s campaign manager resigned a day after Obama soundly defeated Clinton days ago.

Obama is creating an atmosphere in the African American community that’s inducing people too dream bigger than ever before. Obama’s presence on the political frontier has widened opportunities for mainstream success.

I think a small measure of Obama’s success can be attributed to the man who came first. Jesse Jackson was the first African American to run for president in 1984. Though he wasn’t a serious threat to win Jackson campaign opened the door of possibilty. Unlike Jackson, Obama is a serious threat to win.

Nearly 40 years have passed since King was slain yet his dream still lives. Martin Luther King’s dream called for social unity irrespective of skin color. If King was alive today I’m sure he’d be proud of Obama fighting to lead America because he’s keeping his vision alive.

Race has been an underlying theme throughout the Democratic race but not as much as I anticipated. In states that are vastly white Obama has won emerging victorious in states like Iowa, Utah, and Maine. To me that’s progress. Obama winning those states displays people are necessarily fixated on color but are simply want change.

Though remnants of his dream are manifesting there’s still much work to be done. Obama’s run at glory is wonderful but won’t promptly negate to the array of problems America has therefore I can’t get totally caught up in the euphoria of Obama’s feat just yet.

Racism and discrimination will not cease because of his presence yet it will open doors for closure.

Items such as publication education, unemployment, and lack of inclusion will still remain if Obama is elected. His political presence is a significant part of American history but it won’t eliminate racism nor halt discrimination yet it’s a pivotal step in the right direction.

True change can be ignited by leadership but enduring change is carried out by the people. That’s why I think Obama is the candidate who can best position America to enjoy and semblance of freedom, justice, and equality. He wants a better country for everyone and I think he’s the best person for the throne.

Obam’s chants for change are resonating loud and clear. If he’s fortunate enough to outlast Clinton and win the presidency to me it will be the most notable achievement in African American history. Obama has my vote for use because I think can best lead America.

True change can be ignited by leadership but for it to endure change it must come from us. That’s why I think Obama can best get America in the right path because he’s administering to the masses.

He wants a better country for us all.

He has my vote that’s for sure because I think Obama is the real deal.

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