Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gilbert Arenas indicted on weapons charge: Will he serve time in prison?

Suspended Washington Wizard guard Gilbert Arenas isn’t cracking too many jokes these days. Arenas has been charged with a felony weapons charge. Arenas could face up to 5-years in prison but reportedly he’s negotiated a plea agreement.

What Arenas characterized as a joke hasn’t turned out to be so funny. Since the alleged gun incident with teammate Javaris Crittenton Arenas thought little about his fate. Now he’ll have plenty of time to contemplate his behavior since he’s no longer playing and may serve time behind bars.

Authorities received a warrant to search Crittenton’s apartment. The search didn’t yield a firearm. From the looks of things Crittenton hasn’t been hit with a suspension or charged like Arenas. Perhaps he’ll get off without much of a scratch. Until the investigation concludes we won’t know to what extent Crittenton was involved. But at least he kept himself out of the limelight unlike Arenas.

Arenas made himself a marked man. When he did his pistol skit prior the Wizards game against the Philadelphia 76’ers Arenas’ fate was sealed. Stern wanted the big fish and he got him. Arenas created the atmosphere necessary for Stern to contemplate suspending him because of his nonchalant behavior.

Even though I don’t agree with suspending Arenas indefinitely before the legal process ran its course I do believe he brought this situation on himself. Plaxico Burress is the poster-boy of what happens to professional athletes who fool around with guns. For Burresses’ stupidity in carrying an unregistered pistol in a night-club which discharged into his thigh, he was rewarded a 2-year prison bid for violating New York’s strict gun laws. Burress won’t be around for his family. He’s lost his team, money and his freedom.

Arenas has lost a lot in a short period of time as well. Whether he’ll be placed behind bars like Burress remains to be seen.Even though all of the facts have yet to be revealed it’s likely Arenas will not be playing basketball anytime soon. I wonder who will be back playing their sport first, Tiger Woods or Arenas?

Once the dust settles on this situation perhaps Arenas can stop acting like “goofy” child: Instead he can act like a professional family-man who happens to be a gifted athlete.

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hw1 said...

I am utterly shocked! You actually were able to write a complete news story without finding a way to blame the white man for the wrong doings of a non-white American(lets face it, 98% have never been to Africa, so African American is a stretch).