Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The saga of Michael Vick continues, seeks team but not takers

Michael Vick is back. But when will he suit up? Commission Roger Goodell reinstated Vick but only on a conditional basis. He can sign with a team and practice and he’s permitted to play in final two games of pre-season (providing he finds a team to sign him) but its possible Vick won’t be fully reinstated until October.


I’m sorry but this makes no sense. Didn’t this guy serve 23 months of federal time? Has he taken a snap in the NFL since December of 2006?

Vick has paid his debt in full to society and the NFL. The conditional suspension simply adds salt to the wounds of Vick. During his 23 month sentence Vick lost his job, money, endorsements, and more importantly the respect his name use to garner. Now the commissioner gives him even more time away from potentially working his magic.

To make things worse ESPN ran recent poll of asking participants who they thought were the most disliked athletes in sports were. Of the top ten athletes 8 were African American and Hispanic. Number 9 and 10 were white. To my surprise Michael Vick was number one. Yes, a man who hasn’t played football since December of 2006 is the most disliked athlete in sports today according to ESPN’s poll.

More interesting the number 10 most disliked was John McEnroe. Now that’s laughable. Mac hasn’t played on the ATP tennis tour since 1992 full time and he’s on the list? Perhaps he was just a throw in to provide racial balance?

In any event, let’s look at the bigger picture here: ESPN and the media is seemingly is attempting to socially engineer the public to further punish Vick. The negative press is being utilized as a tool to make it difficult for Vick to get his life together. The media is cleverly creating an atmosphere that’s discouraging teams to give him a chance. As it stands now over half the teams in the league said that don’t want Vick.

The media and the NFL hierarchy seemingly are attempting to do destroy Vick like Major League baseball has done to Barry Bonds. It’s too bad Vick has to pay late fees on the debt that’s already been satisfied. Suggesting he switch positions, further tarnishing his name, being black-balled by teams and the media, and trying to force him to play in the newly formed UFL simply isn’t right.

When will the haters let this man move on?

Vick shouldn’t have such a big problem finding a home. With the rust he’s arguably better than some potential starters right now. What about Cleveland? Derek Andersen and Brady Quinn together aren’t better than Michael Vick.

What about Seattle? Matt Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace aren’t better than Michael Vick. Plus head coach Jim Mora coached Vick in Atlanta. The move makes sense.

What about the Minnesota Vikings? Now that Brett Favre dissed them and Tavaris Jackson is hobbled with a MCL strain leaving Sage Rosenfells as the guy. Why shouldn’t Vick hand the ball of to Adrian Petersen and run that west-coast offense similar to what he was running in Atlanta when he was the highest paid quarterback in the league?

Looking at the grand scheme of the Michael Vick situation it’s a shame we live in sanctimonious hypocritical society.


Michael Vick was convicted of funding a gambling ring and helping to kill some dogs. Dog fighting, particularly in the south is part of African American culture. But when Peyton Manning and Brett Favre dawn their camouflage and kill deer that’s considered sport?

From a legislative standpoint what you have the likes of Donte Stallworth who gets boozed up in Miami Beach, Florida and kills an innocent man after a night of partying. Stallworth serves 30 days in jail and pays the deceased family a large settlement and gets house arrest.

Meanwhile Michael Vick serves a 23 month sentence for funding a gambling ring and killing some dogs and Stallworth gets 30 days for killing a human being? Cut the cards as you wish but there’s no plausible answer to justify killing a human being warrants a 30 day jail sentence and killing some dogs gets you 23 months of federal time.

Vick has been punished enough. The time has come to stop trying to switch him to another position, stop bashing him in the media, and let this man continue to get his life together.

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