Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Friday, May 9, 2008

Barack Obama throws Rev. Jeremiah Wright under the bus

June 5, 2007 Barack Obama spoke at Hampton University. With Rev. Jeremiah Wright present Obama stated the following: “Let me give a special shout out to my pastor. To the guy that puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me. He’s a friend and a great leader not just in Chicago but all across the country. So please everybody give an extraordinary welcome to my pastor Dr. Jeremiah Wright Jr.”

That was then.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright recently did an interview with PBS and gave speeches in Detroit and Washington D.C. After viewing Wright’s speech in Washington D.C. Obama was forced to throw his friend under the bus. April 29, 2008 he stated, "I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened by the spectacle that we saw yesterday."

This is now.

Why is Obama outraged with words from a friend, mentor, and pastor of twenty years?

Was Obama outraged when he went to Wright for spiritual guidance? Was Obama outraged when Wright performed his marriage and baptized his children?

Back-stabbing Wright was the wrong thing to do. If Obama backstabs a person who meant so much to him what makes you think he really cares about you and me?

Wright stated, “He had to distance himself because he’s a politician. From what the media was saying I had said, which was anti-American.”

Isn’t that the truth?

Here’s the deal. Obama’s campaign advised him to distance himself from Wright. He obliged to satisfy his fair-weather friend’s requests.

I don’t think Obama’s problem should be with Wright. Wright is not trying to take the election away-the media and the Clintons are. The media has consistently spun Wright’s words to make Obama responsible for things he didn’t say.

Many suggest Wright should have remained silent because it could hinder Obama’s campaign. I disagree. Why should Wright remain silent when everyone else has spoken?

Early in the race Bill Clinton stated Obama was living a “fairy tale” suggesting he has little chance to win. When Obama won South Carolina Clinton dismissed the victory suggesting Jesse Jackson won there when he ran for president so it’s not a big deal.

In a recent radio interview in Philadelphia Clinton accused Obama of playing the race card.

Why didn’t Obama denounce Bill?

Hillary has dogged Obama throughout the campaign. She invoked race when she suggested Martin Luther King’s dream didn’t manifest until Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

Why didn’t Obama denounce Hillary?

February 19th after winning the Wisconsin primary FOX’s Bill O’Reilly suggested getting a “lynchmob” out for his wife for her perceived anti-American statements.

Why didn’t Obama denounce O’Reilly and FOX for racist comments against his wife?

How can Obama denounce a friend in Wright yet remains silent on his real foes?

I guess that’s what politicians do.

The media created the Wright controversy and watched it stew. The media creates the rules in terms of how we view things. The media has a significant effect on how we form our opinions.

Anytime an African American speaks out against the mythology we’ve been forced to digest that person is labeled anti-American. Wright’s presence reminds us of that. But what’s perceived to be radical today over time is often later embraced.

Muhammad Ali was once hated by white America for speaking out. He was perceived as radical draft-dodger. Ali denounced racism, embraced the Nation of Islam, and changed his name. He told the government he wasn’t fighting for freedom abroad when he was denied freedom in America.

As we all know Ali turned out to be right. Sometimes it takes people a little time to “get it.”

Today Ali is revered by many of those who once hated him. He’s still the people’s champion only because he didn’t sell out. If he bowed down to the establishment, like Obama did, he wouldn’t be who he is today.

Obama should have stood by his friend despite the pressure from the media and his advisors.

I’d rather see Obama lose the election doing the right thing than subscribing to political chicanery to win doing the wrong thing.

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