Dexter Rogers

Dexter Rogers

Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama’s safety concerns have now become real

Republican Mike Huckabee and Hillary Clinton have officially made Barack Obama’s safety a real issue. The possibly of Obama being assassinated has gone from a something unstated to actually being discussed publicly.

I really hope it doesn’t go there.

May 16th Huckabee appeared in front of the National Rifle Association. He said the following after hearing a noise backstage, "That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He's getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him and he -- he dove for the floor."

Neither Obama nor his camp had any comment.

May 23rd Hillary’s stated, "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it."

Obama's camp said, “Sen. Clinton's statement before the Argus Leader editorial board was unfortunate and has no place in this campaign."

Someone is creating an atmosphere that can possibly lead to ending your life and you respond with the statement was “unfortunate?”

That’s weak.

Obama had no problems denouncing Rev. Jeremiah Wright for expressing many truths yet goes soft against those who create a climate that can claim his life.

I think Obama is clearly picking the wrong battles.

Once the atmosphere of assassination is set the climate becomes conducive for it to become real. I don’t put anything past the Clinton’s: having Obama handled isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

July 20, 1993 Vincent Foster, the White House Deputy Council told his secretary, “I’ll be right back.” He never returned. Foster and Hillary worked together at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas: they were allegedly involved in an affair that extended to the White House. An article written by David Brock in 1994 titled, “Living with the Clinton’s” issued the following from a witness at a formal gathering: “He (Foster) came up behind Hillary, and squeezed her rear end with both of his hands. Then he winked and gave me the 'OK' sign.” Brock continues, “Vince put his hand over one of Hillary's breasts and made the same 'OK' sign to me. And she just stood there cooing, 'Oh Vince, Oh Vince.'"

Foster was disenchanted with his position in the White House and decided to resign. He was scheduled to meet with Bill Clinton July 21, 1993. The meeting never took place. Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park in a suburb of Virginia. His death was sold as a suicide. Many political insiders believe he was killed.

Foster had too much dirt on the Clinton’s. Last thing Bill wanted was a disgruntled employee who was allegedly was sleeping with his wife going public and destroying his pending legacy.

In 1996 Ron Brown was the Secretary of Commerce. He was the highest ranking African American in politics. He was largely responsible for raising money and helping Bill get elected in 1992.

During his time in the White House Brown and the Clinton’s was securing campaign money illegally. Brown was set up as the fall guy. He was being investigated by Janet Reno regarding his improprieties and the heat was building.

Brown met with Bill Clinton and asked him to call in a favor because if the investigation continued he’d have to turn states evidence.

Less than two weeks after meeting with Clinton Ron Brown mysteriously died in an airplane crash is Bosnia. Evidence supports the Clinton’s had Brown handled and sold it to the masses as an accidental plane crash.

Besides, how can Brown sustain a .45 millimeter hole in his skull on an accidental plane crash?

Why was there was no autopsy done on Brown before he was cremated?

No body, no evidence.

Again, I don’t put anything past the Clinton’s. They’ve cleverly created this unfortunate atmosphere of assassination apparently with cause. The latter helps explain why Hillary is staying in a race she can’t win.

I guess she doesn’t have to win: just stay in line long enough and be patient perhaps?

I hope Obama is safe whether he wins or loses. But if anything happens to Obama I suspect widespread riots and bloodshed.

I just really hope it doesn’t come to that.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Malcom X was the greatest African American leader of all time

May 19, 1925 he was born Malcolm Little. He lived as Malcolm X, and on February 21, 1965 he was slain as El Ha Malik El Shabazz: the best African American leader we’ve ever had.

Malcolm had only 8th grade education. One of his elementary teachers told him that a nigger should look to do something with his hands and being a lawyer is outside of the realm of possibility.

Malcolm ascended from humble beginnings as a child, to a career criminal who evolved to be the best African American leader of this century. He rose from the gutter and took hold of his greatness and lived his truth. No one has taken the torch.

Malcolm was about real change. No disrespect to Obama today but Malcolm was talking about something over and above that of any other leader of this century including Martin Luther King.

Malcolm provided the African American community with a thorough blueprint in order to achieve societal respect. Malcolm was a nationalistic thinker: he wanted African Americans to think and do for self.

Malcolm didn’t endorse begging the white establishment to qualify them: he said we should own and control the economics in our communities and elect political officials who have our best interest at heart or elect no one.

Socially Malcolm advocated knowledge of self. He preached we should know who we were before the white man made us slaves and robbed us our collective identities. Once we become aware of our ancestral greatness then we’d act as if the odds are on our side rather than against us.

King was from a different school. He attempted to utilize a strategy as a way of life. A strategy is something one employs in their quest to achieve a desired result. Strategies can't be utilized as a way of life: one need a concrete systematic plan of action in order to bring about change. Malcolm did that for us.

For example, when a doctor diagnoses a patient for an ailment he attempts to get to the root of the problem in order to prescribe a remedy. The problems are lack of leadership and racism. Leadership is vital to any movement: if it wasn’t why was Malcolm and other great African American leaders slain?

Malcolm’s vision, self-taught intellect, and oratorical skills made him one of a kind. Malcolm once said, “Yes we hate laziness, we hate dope addiction, we hate nicotine. We hate all the vices the white man has taught to partake in. And he accuses us of hating him.”

He continues, “Who are you? You don’t know. Don’t tell me Negro, that’s nothing. What were you before the white man named you a Negro. What did you have? What tongue did you speak? What language did you back then? What was your name? It couldn’t have been Smith, Jones, or Bunche or Powell. That wasn’t our name. They didn’t have those type of names where you and I came from. No! What was your name? And how come you don’t know now what your name was then?

It’s obvious Malcolm provoked thought and kept it real.
King on the other hand was tolerated and endorsed by the establishment because he wasn’t a real threat: Obama has ascended today and speaks of change yet in my opinion MLK and Obama together can’t touch Malcolm. Malcolm’s words, wisdom, and nationalistic thinking was bringing about a true change. His actions measured up to his deeds.

The societal conditions were less than ideal during Malcolm’s ascendance to prominence in the early 1960’s. African Americans were still being lynched, Jim Crow was the law, and there was no societal inclusion. African Americans didn’t have any rights that were recognized with any degree of seriousness.

There was no cable, internet, or websites in Malcolm’s day yet his messages still resonates loud and clear in the African American community. Malcolm X was bold enough to say publicly what many mainstream African Americans were afraid to say: he was the mouthpiece for those who were dogged and neutralized by America’s oppressive system.

African Americans today are victims of elitism. You have a few African Americans who have made it yet the resources are scattered amongst themselves and not amongst the masses.

When marquee African Americans with visibility and dollars can make a true difference many refuse to step forward. What if the hip-hop artists, athletes, entertainers would listen to and learn Malcolm’s philosophy? What if Barack Obama got together along with the ex-convicts, gang members, and teachers across the land and put together a comprehensive program for the betterment for African Americans?

Won’t happen soon.

What keeps the latter from happening is the subconscious fear of the establishment. Malcolm cared little about the white establishment: he simply wanted to make a difference and provide African Americans with direction and he let it be known.

Obama is currently making history and he’s vying to occupy the oval office. He’s creating an energy that’s been lacking for many years but we don’t need history or moving speeches-we need results. African Americans need someone to keep it real about the condition of our neighborhoods while not fearing the white establishment.

If Malcolm were alive he wouldn’t stand for Kelly Tilghman saying players on the PGA tour should lynch Tiger Woods. He wouldn’t stand for Bill O’Reilly saying he wanted to get out a “lynch mob” for Obama’s wife. Nor would he sit idle while white America continues to pounce on African Americans in the mainstream media.

When the Nation of Islam was at the apex of its existence in the early 1960’s Malcolm X was at the forefront. Malcolm built the Nation and made it what it was. But an unfortunate combination of jealousy amongst the higher ups in the Nation, the CIA, FBI, and the NYPD created an atmosphere that called for Malcolm’s untimely death.

In March of 1964 Malcolm was forced to leave the nation. Once Malcolm severed ties he started the OOAU (Organization of Afro-American Unity).
Being free of the restrictions of the Nation of Islam he exposed them.

The Nation of Islam talked tough yet when it called for action they were largely silent. They spoke of how the white man was devil yet when racists killed African Americans in the streets they took no action.

The Nation of Islam only looked out for those African Americans who were in the Nation of Islam. They accused the government as being racist yet silenced Malcolm for making his “chickens coming home to roost” statement.

Wasn’t Malcolm’s analysis true?

Malcolm was silenced because of jealousy, money, and power. Elijah was on his last legs and Malcolm would have been the logical successor. Higher ups didn’t want that because Malcolm would do some serious house cleaning.

What did the Nation do when African Americans were being sprayed with fire hoses and bombing their churches? They preached white people were the devil yet when time came to do something they were silent and immobile yet they can kill Malcolm?


Malcolm was unfairly labeled as a racist, hate-teacher, and African American supremacist.


Whites wanted to soften the sting of the message he was delivering by negatively labeling him. White America fears those who have the key to freedom. He was labeled and invariably slain for waking people up, making a difference and provoking thought.

When I look at Malcolm’s life it was one of transformation. He was a teen hustler who ended up in prison who was reformed himself. He was a reformed criminal as he entered the Nation of Islam as a fiery minister. Malcolm preached whites were the devil and was eventually slain as man evolving to love all people through an orthodox form of Islam.

The man whom took his place was trained by Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan. He moved into Elijah Muhammad’s mansion in Chicago and became wealthy. Malcolm died broke without a place for him or his family to call their own. The day he was slain his wife pregnant with twins. He didn't own a home nor had any money.

Malcolm’s motive?

He really loved his people and was committed to a cause that’s still far from finished.

Malcolm was the antithesis of King. He didn’t attempt to sell the people on a non-violent dream. He preached a truth which called for acquiring our freedom by any means necessary.

Malcolm spoke about the social ills that bogged down African Americans communities nationwide. Malcolm forced those people who were lulled to sleep by integration and a non-violent dream to give us something to think about. He provided a blueprint on how to acquire knowledge of self, economics, education, and how to do for self.

Whites didn’t like us yet we forced them to take our money thereby empowering their communities and sucking the economic blood from ours. Took our money to their neighborhoods and depleted our own. If you don’t control your economics it kills the politics and socialization of our community.

In short, to whom you give your money is to whom you give your power.

The Negro Baseball Leagues is the consummate example of what African Americans sacrificing their well being for the allure of integration which invariably fueled the demise of a profitable African American owned entity. The league was a multi-million dollar business. Whites didn’t want us to play with them so African Americans created a league of their own.

Malcolm in my view was the epitome of hip hop. Hip-hop is about being real and telling the truth. Expressing ones true feelings by keeping it real should be at the core of hip-hop. Like many artists today, he talked about the condition of people, didn’t compromise, and didn’t bow down to the establishment.

I think Malcolm X was the best African American leader of all time. He didn't die rich. His commitment was to uplift his people and his compensation was those lives he shaped with his words and touched with his wisdom.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Barack Obama throws Rev. Jeremiah Wright under the bus

June 5, 2007 Barack Obama spoke at Hampton University. With Rev. Jeremiah Wright present Obama stated the following: “Let me give a special shout out to my pastor. To the guy that puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me. He’s a friend and a great leader not just in Chicago but all across the country. So please everybody give an extraordinary welcome to my pastor Dr. Jeremiah Wright Jr.”

That was then.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright recently did an interview with PBS and gave speeches in Detroit and Washington D.C. After viewing Wright’s speech in Washington D.C. Obama was forced to throw his friend under the bus. April 29, 2008 he stated, "I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened by the spectacle that we saw yesterday."

This is now.

Why is Obama outraged with words from a friend, mentor, and pastor of twenty years?

Was Obama outraged when he went to Wright for spiritual guidance? Was Obama outraged when Wright performed his marriage and baptized his children?

Back-stabbing Wright was the wrong thing to do. If Obama backstabs a person who meant so much to him what makes you think he really cares about you and me?

Wright stated, “He had to distance himself because he’s a politician. From what the media was saying I had said, which was anti-American.”

Isn’t that the truth?

Here’s the deal. Obama’s campaign advised him to distance himself from Wright. He obliged to satisfy his fair-weather friend’s requests.

I don’t think Obama’s problem should be with Wright. Wright is not trying to take the election away-the media and the Clintons are. The media has consistently spun Wright’s words to make Obama responsible for things he didn’t say.

Many suggest Wright should have remained silent because it could hinder Obama’s campaign. I disagree. Why should Wright remain silent when everyone else has spoken?

Early in the race Bill Clinton stated Obama was living a “fairy tale” suggesting he has little chance to win. When Obama won South Carolina Clinton dismissed the victory suggesting Jesse Jackson won there when he ran for president so it’s not a big deal.

In a recent radio interview in Philadelphia Clinton accused Obama of playing the race card.

Why didn’t Obama denounce Bill?

Hillary has dogged Obama throughout the campaign. She invoked race when she suggested Martin Luther King’s dream didn’t manifest until Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

Why didn’t Obama denounce Hillary?

February 19th after winning the Wisconsin primary FOX’s Bill O’Reilly suggested getting a “lynchmob” out for his wife for her perceived anti-American statements.

Why didn’t Obama denounce O’Reilly and FOX for racist comments against his wife?

How can Obama denounce a friend in Wright yet remains silent on his real foes?

I guess that’s what politicians do.

The media created the Wright controversy and watched it stew. The media creates the rules in terms of how we view things. The media has a significant effect on how we form our opinions.

Anytime an African American speaks out against the mythology we’ve been forced to digest that person is labeled anti-American. Wright’s presence reminds us of that. But what’s perceived to be radical today over time is often later embraced.

Muhammad Ali was once hated by white America for speaking out. He was perceived as radical draft-dodger. Ali denounced racism, embraced the Nation of Islam, and changed his name. He told the government he wasn’t fighting for freedom abroad when he was denied freedom in America.

As we all know Ali turned out to be right. Sometimes it takes people a little time to “get it.”

Today Ali is revered by many of those who once hated him. He’s still the people’s champion only because he didn’t sell out. If he bowed down to the establishment, like Obama did, he wouldn’t be who he is today.

Obama should have stood by his friend despite the pressure from the media and his advisors.

I’d rather see Obama lose the election doing the right thing than subscribing to political chicanery to win doing the wrong thing.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright ends silence and speaks out

I watched Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s interview with Bill Moyer on PBS April 25th. I found him to be a man of wisdom, passion, and truth.

I think Wright is being unfairly attacked by the media for speaking collective truths about Americas past.

Like Wright, I’m aware of the games the media plays on the masses: one of their primary functions is to socially engineer our minds. Through dispersing misinformation and half-truths they induce many to embrace their myths. This ensures the masses won’t ask critical questions and independently seek truth.

The media can keep playing their games for now but nothing lasts forever. Like my mom says, “every road has an end to it.”

Over 90 percent of what we digest from mainstream media comes from a white male Eurocentric perspective. It's not profitable for the white power structure to disseminate truth: doing so they'd have to admit to their centuries of wrong-doings.

That latter will never happen.

Anytime the white power structure is rocked with the truth they automatically label the messenger. In this case it’s Jeremiah Wright. This maneuver is done to mute Wright’s message and keep the masses blinded from truth.

For months the media has pummeled us with several eye-opening snippets from Wright’s sermons: unlike the mass media, PBS aired Wright’s sermons in its entirety thereby putting his words in proper context.

Wright suggests the United States government has historically lied and failed the people. Typically when the system is challenged it clings to their myths. Wright stated during his interview, “And when you start trying to show them you only got a piece of the story, and let me show you the rest of the story, you run into vitriolic hatred because you're desecrating our myth.”

Isn’t the latter true?

The truth cannot be continually suppressed as long as wise men like Wright continue to deliver the goods.

All of the great ones have been vilified by the media and or slain for speaking the truth. King was slain because he was moving away from his non-violent stance to a more assertive position. We don’t remember the King in 1967 that spoke out against the Vietnam War and racism.

The media has conditioned us only to remember King’s dream and not his disenchantment with white America. King was attacked by the white media and Lyndon B. Johnson for speaking out because he overstepped his boundaries. Even some African Americans began to distance themselves from King as a result.

Malcolm X wanted to build a bridge from the Americas to the motherland. He wanted to demonstrate the oppression suffered by Africans and African Americans during the 1960's was one in the same. Malcolm was preparing to take America to the United Nations for violating African American’s human rights.

We are conditioned to embrace the Malcolm X who hated whites: not the reformed man who embraced humanity. These truths go unnoticed because white mainstream media wants us all to function on their myths and not the facts.

With respect to Wright the mass media is cleverly using his words as a political tool against Obama. Hopefully Obama doesn’t fall for the ole “conquer and divide” trick.

But you never know. Obama is a politician.

I’m glad Wright has ascended to remind us of the collective atrocities committed by the power structure and tricks the media plays. They can keep playing their games for now.

But just like my mom says, “every road has an end to it.”